No One Should Walk the Breast Cancer Journey Alone

You know her. Because we all do. The woman who says that thing that makes you laugh. She shares her wisdom when you ask for advice. She comforts you when no one else can. 

There is a one in eight chance that she’ll be diagnosed with breast cancer, according to the American Cancer Society. Every year breast cancer affects about 650 Pierce County women, according to the National Cancer Institute. 


Why We Walk

We’re committed to advocacy for breast cancer patients. The Puyallup Surgical Consultants Breast Care team, lead by Dr. Yarrow McConnell is dedicated to helping women, and men, in our community through their breast cancer journeys.


Come Walk With Me Pierce County

Puyallup Surgical Consultants is a proud sponsor of Come Walk With Me. We’re walking because we want to help improve access to breast cancer resources and care.

Come Walk With Me is Pierce County’s largest breast cancer fundraising walk. It’s 5K. So, participation is easy.  


The Tumor-nators Invite You To Join The Cause 

We’re in to raise $1,000 per kilometer.  That’s $5K for 5K. 

And, everyone is welcome on our team.

  • We’re on a mission to help all people with breast cancer.  This means reducing disparities in care across economic and ethnic lines. 
  • We want to improve prevention rates with increased screening, earlier treatment and more survivorship. 
  • And, we are dedicated to raising funds for technologies that advance treatment for patients.






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