Being diagnosed with cancer can be one of life’s toughest moments, but you are not alone. The empathetic team of breast care specialists at Puyallup Surgical Consultants are committed to working with you not just as surgeons, but as advocates. 

We understand what you are going through and how scary this time can be, so we collaborate with our patients and their other medical providers to determine your best course of care. We will remove all threats to your well being while retaining as much healthy tissue as possible, and we will do it in a welcoming environment that is close to home.

Puyallup Surgical Consultant’s breast surgery options include:



Breast Care Expert

Understanding, passionate and deeply knowledgeable, Dr. Yarrow McConnell is sought out by patients and doctors alike for her expertise in treating diseases of the breast. Dr. McConnell has helped hundreds of women, and men, in Puyallup and throughout Pierce County with diagnosis and treatment for breast cancer and benign breast disease.





Removing breast cancer (lumpectomy)

During lumpectomy, the surgeon removes the tumor and a small margin of surrounding healthy tissue. Lumpectomy is typically reserved for smaller tumors.



Skin-sparing mastectomy -  the skin over the breast is left intact to improve reconstruction and appearance. Depending on the location and size of the tumor, the nipple may also be spared.


Sentinel Node Biopsy

To determine whether cancer has spread to your lymph nodes, your surgeon will discuss with you the role of removing the lymph nodes that are the first to receive lymph that has been affected by your tumor. If no cancer is found in those nodes, the chance of finding it in the remaining nodes is small, eliminating the need for any further removal.


Axillary Lymph Node Dissection

If cancer is found in the sentinel node, your surgeon will discuss the possibility of removing additional lymph nodes as necessary.


Dual (Contralateral Prophylactic) Mastectomy

Some patients with cancer in one breast may choose to have their other healthy breast removed as well if they have a higher risk of cancer occurring in the other breast due to a genetic predisposition or strong family history.

Puyallup Surgical Consultant’s depth of experience and empathy
makes us the foremost provider of breast health surgery in the region.