InterStim can provide relief for patients experiencing symptoms of an overactive bladder.

Incontinence and overactive bladder can restrict what you do. We would like to help you get back to living a life filled with the activities you love. 

About a third of Americans suffer from incontinence, but precise numbers are not available because many people are uncomfortable talking about the subject. With advances in medical techniques and technology, Proliance Puyallup Surgeons is able to offer you more treatments for incontinence and overactive bladder than ever before.





 InterStim Treatment for Incontinence 

If you are experiencing incontinence, and medication has not resolved your symptoms, InterStim might be a good option for you. Interstim is used to improve bladder or bowel control. 





InterStim has a track record of success 

InterStim is an implantable device slightly larger than a quarter.  It is placed near the sacrum or tailbone area to stimulate the nerves that help control bladder or bowel function. 


  • InterStim is FDA approved. It is safe and effective.
  • 85% of InterStim patients report success in the first year of use. 
  • The success rate for InterStim is three-times greater than treatment with traditional medicines for incontinence. 
  • Our urologists are specially trained by Medtronic. We can place the InterStim device temporarily to let you see if it's the right solution for you. The temporary placement is non-surgical, so there's no risk during the evaluation period.
  • Nearly a quarter-million patients have resolved incontinence symptoms with InterStim. 


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