The Choice Is Yours.

Each year, more than 500,000 men in the U.S. choose vasectomy as permanent birth control.

With a nearly 100% effective rate, it's easy to see why over half a million men choose vasectomy as their permanent birth control solution each year. This minor surgical procedure renders a man sterile by stopping the flow of sperm from the testicles to the penis and is the best method available for preventing pregnancy, besides abstinence. Vasectomies offer a lifetime of protection with a convenient office visit.


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Don't like needles? Don't worry!

We offer a no needle, no scalpel technique specifically designed for patient comfort with virtually no pain. Ask your urologist if this option is right for you.




Anxiety-Free Vasectomies

Our experienced, board-certified urologists understand this can be an anxious time and work hard to ensure you're concerns are addressed, questions answered, and that you feel confident with your decision. The minor procedure takes less than 30 minutes and is performed in our office or at our day surgery center down the hall. You'll go home the same day, and return to work in as little as two days.


  • Minor Surgery
  • Takes about 30 minutes
  • In office or outpatient procedure     
  • Return to work after 2 days
  • No negative effect on sexual performance


Diagnostic Process

While there's not a diagnostic process for a vasectomy, you'll have a consultation visit with one of our board-certified urologists. During this consultation visit, you'll discuss your health history, address any concerns, and choose which procedure option is best for you. 


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