Stop planning life around your GERD with the LINX procedure.

With LINX 99% of patients report that the debilitating symptoms of Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) are gone.

Chronic heartburn, sore throats, inflammation and energy depletion can leave you exhausted, stop you from enjoying meals with the people you love most, and rob you of your valuable time. Good news! You don’t have to plan your life around GERD anymore.



LINX a New Way to Treat GERD 

There is a new option for medicine-resistant GERD called LINX.  Nearly all LINX patients report relief from GERD symptoms and 85% of LINX patients have ditched their daily medication altogether. 


Resolution of GERD with LINX

  • 99% effective 
  • 85% of LINX patients stop taking daily medication for GERD
  • 77% reduction in bothersome heartburn 
  • Your ability to vomit or belch is not impacted by LINX 
  • Patients report improvement in quality of life
  • Safe and removable preserving all treatment options 





LINX supports valve function between the stomach and the esophagus, limiting or stopping acid reflux. The LINX system is a biocompatible, flexible ring composed of small magnets encased in titanium beads.  Each of the beads is connected to the others by independent titanium wires. The LINX device allows for dynamic opening and closing of the esophagus to digestive enhance function and prevent GERD symptoms. 

The LINX system is placed around the esophagus, just above the stomach, through a minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery lasting about an hour. General anesthesia is used is for the LINX procedure, and details about the best options for your care should be discussed with your surgeon. 







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