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“Dr. Anthony Kim and the staff at Proliance Surgeons were great to deal with, there was never a moment I had any doubts or felt uncomfortable at all. I am 58 years old and have lived a surgery free life, but these guys made it as easy and comfortable as possible.”

-Lee Isom

“I was referred to Proliance Surgeons by my endocrinolist, specifically, to Dr. Kim. From the first time I saw him for a consult, to the actual day of the operation and to my post-op visit, Dr. Kim has been very professional and informative. He took the time to explain to me almost everything I needed to know about my thyroidectomy that made me feel confident and safe under his care. He has excellent bedside manners and a sense of humor that I found comforting. His surgical skills is top notch, as evidenced by my almost non-visible scar that healed so nicely ! The admin staff at the office were very friendly and professional. They are highly recommended from this very satisfied patient.”

-Aliw T

“Thank you so much to Dr. Vargas and the entire team at Puyallup Surgical. I had multiple surgeries and various procedures within my 2 years of treatment and got to know them well. Their entire staff is very kind and caring. Dr. Vargas is knowledgeable, skilled and has such a wonderful temperment that puts you at ease, knowing you are in good hands. I am so thankful and grateful to have had them as part of my cancer team!”

-Kiersten Emmett

Highly Recommended

“I am the first patient to receive this procedure in the Pacific North West. I knew I had a problem that was not getting better with Medication. The UroLift procedure was great. I do not need to constantly search for a bathroom or relief. BPH is not a pleasant feeling for men. It’s been a great experience for me to get the UroLift and I highly recommend it.”


Received top-notch Care

“PA-C Marc Goodboy is awesome. He treated me for Kidney Stones when Dr. Lamberton was gone. He genuinley cares about each patient. The front desk ladies here are nice. Its always weird going as a female to a urologist because most urologists are men and most urologists mainly treat male problems and ED not so much kidney stones in females. If I lived out here I would go back to him for urology issues. ”

-Kellie G.

Best Doctors & Staff I Know

“Some of the best doctors and staff that I know! I recommend these guys to my family!”

-Jennifer P.

Dr. Petty is amazing

“I was hospitalized September 2015 for problems with Crohn’s disease. Doctor Petty recommended that I have bowel resection surgery. I wanted to explore other options/medications and get a second opinion. He listened to my concerns and respected my wishes. In December I realized that I couldn’t put it off any longer. Dr. Petty put me at ease right away. He has a great bedside manner, explained everything thoroughly and really put me at ease. I have felt better the past 9 months than I have in 10 years. Last week I had a colonoscopy so my GI doctor could see how well the surgery took. My GI doctor said it looked very good. He said with the type of surgery I had, he only sees 1 in 10 patients that have the great results from this type of surgery. Dr. Petty not only saved my life, he definitely increased my quality of life! THANK YOU SO MUCH DR. PETTY!”

-Jennifer W.

“I had a lodged 6mm kidney stone in my ureter and was calling around every where. No one could get me in after going to the emergency room three times in my hometown . Called Proliance Friday morning and they got me right in Monday morning for a consultation and scheduled my surgery for that Wednesday. Dr. Street is awesome and his staff are super nice and helpful, surgery went extremely well and he was very informative so I wouldn’t be nervous. Thank you so much Dr. Street and your team you guys are amazing and I am out of pain! Highly recommend Proliance.”

-Amy M

“Dr. Robin Lee, his associates and the entire staff are amazing. I was diagnosed with bladder cancer on a Thursday and had surgery the following Wednesday at Good Samaritan Hospital. They have someone to help you through the entire process. They are kind, compassionate, understanding, caring. All my questions and concerns were and continue to be addressed as they arise. I am healing because of this team of professionals. Thank you so much”

-Scott Edensword

“I was so impressed with Natalie at Puyallup Urology. I got a letter denying a medication that helps to make my like much more comfortable. She called the insurance company and now I have approval. Thank you Natalie. ”

-Lillie Russell

New Life

“I have had a new lease on life since my UroLift ® procedure.”


A Big Thank You

“I wanted to say a big thank you to Dr. Street and his entire staff for the care my husband received during recent treatment for kidney stones. As anyone who has ever had kidney stones can attest to, they are extremely painful and disrupt your life for weeks. Dr. Street was very thorough, caring and compassionate ( I have been a nurse for 15 years, and those qualities seem to be in short supply these days). I would definitely recommend him to any of my patients who are in need of his specialty. The front office staff was always friendly and very helpful to answer any of our questions. I feel it is important to recognize and give appreciation when a provider and their staff exceeds our expectations, not just call them out when things go wrong. Please keep up the good work. Don't underestimate how it's the little things you guys do that mean the most to patients and their families. Thank you.”

-Katrina Chavarria


“What a great team here at Puyallup Surgical Consultants! I love working with them and will continue to use them in the future!”

-Paige M.

I just love Dr. McConnell!

“I just love Dr. McConnell and want to adopt her. I believe that God gave us the best team possible to gently guide us through this most difficult time in our lives. Everybody deserves a hug and a raise!”



“Well seeing Dr. Petty saved my life. I definitely will give them 5 stars!”

-Cali L.

“My son Brandon was in a horrible accident and develop some issues that Dr. Kim on his day off came in to the hospital and did surgery on my son who was in so much pain. Brandon had 2 hernias, scar tissue and a small bowel blockage and he fixed him all up. Anyone who has kids knows that your kids are your whole heart and in surgery was my heart. So it means the world to me when someone will go above and beyond in the world we are living in today. I appreciate everything his staff and Dr. Kim did for Brandon I would insist if Brandon or any other loved one of mine needed surgery in the future that Dr. Kim be the one to take care of them. Thank you Autumn ”

-Autumn Landen

“I don’t have all the words to express my gratitude for the support and reassurance that Dr McConnell gave me during a most difficult time in my life. As tears flowed Dr McConnell’s touch overshadowed the words I was hearing. During, what I felt was a life changing moment, I needed to feel that I was not alone and Dr McConnell delivered. Don’t get me wrong I credit my faith in God for getting me through some lonely and rough moments, but I know it was Him that gave Dr McConnell a kindhearted spirit and incredible surgical skills to be a successful surgeon in a field such as this. I recently had another surgery, unrelated to cancer, and just like 3 years ago Dr McConnell’s touch and comforting words have not changed. ”

-Dolores Wilson

I am very pleased

“I am a 73 year old male who had lower urinary tract symptoms after being treated with radiation therapy for prostate cancer. Two weeks after having the UroLift procedure done I have significant improvement in frequency, urgency, and the need to get up to use the bathroom at night. I am very pleased with the outcome. I highly recommend the procedure.”


Simply Awesome

“I have so much to say about Dr MCConnell and her staff! I'll start with simply awesome! Being diagnosed with breast cancer was overwhelming! But, with Dr McConnell as my surgeon, it has made this process more bearable! She treats her patients with respect, dignity, compassion and what I love, some humor along the way! I will forever thank Dr. McConnell for all the care she has given me. She is an amazing person! Her staff are also awesome and compassionate! Thank you!”

-Michelle W.


“Had two separate surgeries in 3 months by the same Dr! He was amazing. Haven't felt this good in a long time.”

-Mauri J.

Super Helpful and Cheerful Staff!

“Your receptionist, Dana was incredibly cheerful and helpful. All my kids were made to feel welcome, even the two who were just along for the ride. And Dr. King and his nurse are an efficient and effective team. I was so wonderfully surprised by our experience there.”

-Zan R.

Above and beyond expectations

“Douglas R. King, MD FACS is outstanding and his staff is over the top. What a great group of people. Thank you for fixing me up!”

-Keith B.

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